python3-bip32utils binary package in Ubuntu Kinetic riscv64

 The bip32utils library is a pure Python implementation of Bitcoin hierarchical
 deterministic wallet ("HD Wallet") ECDSA key generation as specified in
 BIP0032 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal #0032).
 Deterministic ECDSA key generation allows creating a sequence of Bitcoin
 private and public ECDSA keys from an initial seed and a hierarchical set of
 indices. A number of benefits follow:
  - An entire wallet can be backed up once by storing the wallet seed or master
    extended private key, and all future addresses in the wallet can be restored
    from it.
  - The creation of public and private ECDSA keys may be separated from each
    other. That is, it is possible to create only the public ECDSA key half
    (and receiving address) of an ECDSA key pair, without the ability to create
    the private half. Thus, one can create receiving addresses on a public
    facing system that if compromised would not give the attacker the ability to
    spend bitcoin received at those addresses. A separate, offline machine can
    generate the corresponding private ECDSA keys and sign transactions.
  - Public and private ECDSA keys may be created in a hierarchy, and control
    over or visibility of portions of the hierarchy may be delegated to third
    This has uses for auditing, for separating ECDSA key sequences into
    different logical groups or accounts, and for giving 3rd parties the ability
    to create spending transactions without first getting a receiving address
    in advance.

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