Binary package “conquest-server” in ubuntu lucid

a real-time, multi-player space warfare game (server)

 Conquest is a predecessor of netrek.
 The object of the game is twofold. The short-range goal
 is to accumulate "kills" by shooting down enemy players.
 You get one kill point for each enemy ship shot down,
 plus some extra if the enemy had kills too. The major
 weapon used to shoot down ships is the photon torpedo.
 The long-range goal is to conquer the universe for your
 team by taking every planet. You take planets by killing
 off the enemy's armies via bombardment, and then beaming
 your team's armies down. When all the planets have been
 taken, the game ends, a new game begins, and the player
 who actually took the last planet gets his/her name up
 in lights.
 This package contains the server and server utilities.