Binary package “cvsnt” in ubuntu lucid

Improved multiplatform version of the original CVS

 CVSNT is an advanced multiplatform version control system. Compatible
 with the industry standard CVS protocol it now supports many more
  * Authentication via all standard CVS protocols (pserver, ext and
    gserver) and new protocols: server, sserver and sspi (Windows and
  * Secure transport support via sserver or encrypted SSPI
  * Cross platform: Runs in Windows or *nix environments
  * MergePoint processing means no more tagging to merge!
  * Per branch ACLs for a more granular access control
  * Unicode support
  * New triggers, e.g. postcommit, triggers also available as
    shared library (.so) interface
  * Server side audit database
  * Under active development
 CVSNT is Open Source, Free software licensed under the GNU General
 Public License.
 See for further information