Binary package “ggz-kde-games” in ubuntu lucid

GGZ Gaming Zone: game clients collection for KDE

 GGZ games are games that can be played online against other people while
 all having some features in common, like table chat, seats configuration,
 bot players, game spectators, savegames, statistics, and others. Some
 games also work in single-player mode.
 This package provides a complete collection of GGZ game frontends
 that make use of the KDE/Qt3 toolkit. It includes:
  * Connect-the-Dots
  * Koenig (chess game)
  * Krosswater
  * Muehle (Nine Men's Morris)
  * Reversi
  * TicTacToe
  * Fyrdman (Hastings1066)
  * KCC (Chinese Checkers)
  * Keepalive (role-playing game)
 and much more.
 This package is part of the GGZ Gaming Zone, a multiuser networked
 gaming environment.