Binary package “live-initramfs” in ubuntu lucid

Debian Live initramfs hook

 live-initramfs is a hook for the initramfs-tools, used to generate a initramfs
 capable to boot live systems, such as those created by live-helper. This
 includes the Debian Live isos, netboot tarballs, and usb stick images.
 At boot time it will look for a (read-only) media containing a "/live"
 directory where a root filesystems (often a compressed filesystem image like
 squashfs) is stored. If found, it will create a writable environment, using
 aufs or unionfs, for Debian like systems to boot from.
 You probably do not want to install this package onto a non-live system,
 although it will do no harm.
 live-initramfs is a fork of casper <>.