Binary package “mailutils” in ubuntu lucid

GNU mailutils utilities for handling mail

 This package contains the GNU mailutils versions of dotlock, frm, from
 maidag, mail, messages, mimeview, movemail, readmsg and sieve. They are
 capable of speaking POP3, IMAP, mbox, MH and Maildir.
  dotlock -- lock mail spool files.
  frm -- display From: lines.
  from -- display from and subject.
  maidag -- the mail delivery agent.
  mail -- the standard /bin/mail interface, mail sender and reader.
  messages -- count the number of messages in a mailbox.
  mimeview -- display files, using mailcap mechanism.
  movemail -- move messages across mailboxes.
  readmsg -- extract selected messages from a mailbox.
  sieve -- a mail filtering tool.