Binary package “runit” in ubuntu lucid

a UNIX init scheme with service supervision

 runit is a replacement for SysV-init and other init schemes. It runs on
 Debian GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOSX, and Solaris, and may be easily adapted
 to other Unix operating systems. runit implements a simple three-stage
 concept. Stage 1 performs the system's one-time initialization tasks.
 Stage 2 starts the system's uptime services (via the runsvdir program).
 Stage 3 handles the tasks necessary to shutdown and halt or reboot.
 The runit programs are compiled and linked statically with the diet libc
 on architectures the diet libc is available for.
 See for more information.
 This package does not replace the /sbin/init binary. To do so you need
 to follow the documentation or install the runit-run package.