kdebindings source package in Lucid

kdebindings-kde4: No summary available for kdebindings-kde4 in ubuntu karmic.
libakonadi2.2-cil: Akonadi bindings for CLI
libkhtml2.0-cil: kde4 bindings for CLI, khtml edition
libkimono4.1-cil: kde4 bindings for CLI
libkorundum4-ruby1.8: No summary available for libkorundum4-ruby1.8 in ubuntu karmic.
libkorundum4-ruby1.8-examples: No summary available for libkorundum4-ruby1.8-examples in ubuntu lucid.
libkrosspython0: Python module for Kross
libkrossruby0: No summary available for libkrossruby0 in ubuntu lucid.
libktexteditor4.1-cil: kde4 bindings for CLI, ktexteditor edition
libnepomuk2.2-cil: KDE 4 bindings for CLI, Nepomuk-edition
libplasma2.0-cil: kde4 bindings for CLI, Nepomuk-edition
libqt4-ruby: No summary available for libqt4-ruby in ubuntu karmic.
libqt4-ruby1.8: Qt 4 bindings for Ruby
libqt4-ruby1.8-dev: No summary available for libqt4-ruby1.8-dev in ubuntu lucid.
libqt4-ruby1.8-examples: No summary available for libqt4-ruby1.8-examples in ubuntu karmic.
libqtscript2.2-cil: Qt4 bindings for CLI, QtScript edition
libqttest2.2-cil: Qt4 bindings for CLI, QtScript edition
libqtuitools2.2-cil: Qt4 bindings for CLI, QtUiTools edition
libqtwebkit2.2-cil: Qt4 bindings for CLI, QtWebkit edition
libqyoto-dev: No summary available for libqyoto-dev in ubuntu karmic.
libqyoto4.4-cil: No summary available for libqyoto4.4-cil in ubuntu karmic.
libsmokekde4-2: No summary available for libsmokekde4-2 in ubuntu lucid.
libsmokekde4-2-dev: No summary available for libsmokekde4-2-dev in ubuntu karmic.
libsmokeqt4-2: No summary available for libsmokeqt4-2 in ubuntu lucid.
libsmokeqt4-2-dev: No summary available for libsmokeqt4-2-dev in ubuntu karmic.
libsoprano2.0-cil: Soprano bindings for CLI
python-kde4: No summary available for python-kde4 in ubuntu karmic.
python-kde4-dbg: No summary available for python-kde4-dbg in ubuntu karmic.
python-kde4-dev: UIC compiler and SIP files for PyKDE
python-kde4-doc: No summary available for python-kde4-doc in ubuntu karmic.
qyoto-dev-tools: No summary available for qyoto-dev-tools in ubuntu lucid.
qyoto-examples: No summary available for qyoto-examples in ubuntu lucid.
ruby-kde4: No summary available for ruby-kde4 in ubuntu karmic.

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