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phpgroupware: No summary available for phpgroupware in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16 in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-addressbook: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-addressbook in ubuntu lucid.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-admin: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-admin in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-calendar: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-calendar in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-core: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-core in ubuntu jaunty.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-core-base: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-core-base in ubuntu jaunty.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-doc: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-doc in ubuntu jaunty.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-email: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-email in ubuntu lucid.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-filemanager: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-filemanager in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-manual: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-manual in ubuntu jaunty.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-news-admin: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-news-admin in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-notes: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-notes in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-phpgwapi: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-phpgwapi in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-phpgwapi-doc: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-phpgwapi-doc in ubuntu karmic.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-preferences: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-preferences in ubuntu jaunty.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-setup: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-setup in ubuntu lucid.
phpgroupware-0.9.16-todo: No summary available for phpgroupware-0.9.16-todo in ubuntu karmic.

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There is no current release of this source package in The Lucid Lynx. You can still report bugs, make translations, and so on, but they might not be used until the package is published.

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No published releases of this package have been uploaded in Ubuntu Lucid

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phpGroupWare - formerly known as webdistro - is a multi-user groupware suite written in PHP. It provides about 50 web-based applications, as there are the Calendar, Addressbook, an advanced Projects manager, Todo List, Notes, Email, Newsgroup- and Headlines Reader, a Filemanager and many more Applications. The calendar supports repeating events and includes alarm functions. The email system supports inline graphics and file attachments.

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: no
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There are no registered releases for the phpGroupWare ⇒ trunk.