python-carquinyol-0.88 binary package in Ubuntu Lucid i386

 Sugar is a graphical user interface aimed at children.
 Originating as intregral part of the OLPC "XO" a.k.a. the $100 laptop,
 Sugar has since grown into a more widely usable low-ressource desktop
 environment for kids.
 This package contains a simple log like datastore able to connect with
 multiple backends. The datastore supports connecting and disconnecting
 from backends on the fly to help the support the limit space/memory
 characteristics of the OLPC system and the fact that network services
 may become unavailable at times.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2009-12-22 15:04:55 UTC Published Ubuntu Lucid i386 release universe python Optional 0.87.1-1
  • Published on 2009-12-22