xscreensaver-data-extra 5.10-3ubuntu2 (ia64 binary) in ubuntu lucid

 XScreenSaver is a modular screen saver and locker for X11,
 containing more than 200 screen savers.
 This package contains the rest of the 2D screen saver modules
 from the xscreensaver collection. This package is used by both
 xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver.
 This is the set of non-GL screensavers not shipped by default:
 deco, distort, galaxy, metaballs, penrose, ripples, shadebobs, slidescreen,
 sonar, swirl, ant, anemone, anemotaxis, apollonian, apple2, attraction,
 barcode, blaster, blitspin, bouboule, boxfit, braid, bsod, bubbles, bumps,
 ccurve, celtic, cloudlife, compass, coral, critical, crystal, cynosure,
 decayscreen, deluxe, demon, discrete, drift, epicycle, eruption, euler2d,
 fadeplot, fireworkx, flag, flame, flow, fluidballs, fontglide, forest, goop,
 grav, greynetic, halftone, halo, helix, hopalong, hyperball,
 hypercube, ifs, imsmap, interaggregate, interference, intermomentary, jigsqw,
 juggle, julia, memscroller, mismunch, moire, moire2, mountain, munch,
 nerverot, noseguy, pacman, pedal, penetrate, petry, phosphor, piecewise,
 polyominoes, pong, pyro, qiz, rd-bomb, rocks, rorschach, rotor, rotzoomer,
 sierpinski, slip, speedmine, sphere, spiral, spotlight, squiral, starfish,
 strange, substrate, t3d, thornbird, triangle, truchet, twang, vermiculate,
 vidwhacker, vines, wander, webcollage, whirlwindwarp, whirlygig, worm,
 wormhole, xanalogtv, xflame, xjack, xmatrix, xrayswarm, xspirograph, zoom.
 WARNING: This package includes the 'webcollage' screen saver, which
 displays images that are the result of random web searches. The
 Internet being what it is, absolutely anything might show up in the
 collage of search results including -- quite possibly -- pornography, or
 even nudity. Please act accordingly.
 More display modes can be found in the xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-gl
 and xscreensaver-gl-extra packages.


Package version:
xscreensaver 5.10-3ubuntu2 source package in Ubuntu