Binary package “cron” in ubuntu maverick

process scheduling daemon

 The cron daemon is a background process that runs particular programs at
 particular times (for example, every minute, day, week or month), as
 specific in the in a crontab. By default, users may also create
 crontabs of their own so that processes are run on their behalf.
 Users may also install crontabs so that processes are run on
 their behalf, though this feature can be disabled or restricted to
 particular users.
 Output from the commands is usually mailed to the system administrator
 (or to the user in question); you should probably install a mail system
 as well so that you can receive these messages.
 This cron package is configured by default to do some basic daily system
 maintenance tasks, such as ensuring creating copying key system files.
 Additional maintenance tasks are available on external packages, such as
 The lockfile-progs package is recommended as it will prevent
 /etc/cron.daily/standard from running multiple
 times if something gets jammed.