Binary package “zblast-x11” in ubuntu maverick

X11 version of zblast, shoot 'em up space game

 zblast is a shoot 'em up space game with a cool sound.
 The goal of zblast is to shoot and destroy all enemy ships. When you
 get it before your ship is destroyed, you can go to a next stage (called
 "wave" in this game).
 Unlike most of other shoot 'em up games, in zblast your ship can bear
 a fair amount of damage (at least 30 hits and you can gain extra energy
 during the game). It does not mean that you are safe -- you just need it.
 In fact, enemy shots are fast and the sky is FILLED with them. If you
 enjoy surviving a rain of laser beams by dodging them, you may need
 another package.
 The most interesting part of zblast is its music. With the abstract
 graphics (simple line-only diagrams), zblast can provide a taste of
 Two versions of the zblast program are available, one uses svgalib and
 one uses X11. This package contains X11 version of the game. The command
 is named "xzb" rather than "xblast" because there is already another
 xblast (a bomberman clone).