vim-nox binary package in Ubuntu Maverick amd64

 Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi.
 Many new features have been added: multi level undo, syntax
 highlighting, command line history, on-line help, filename
 completion, block operations, folding, Unicode support, etc.
 This package contains a version of vim compiled with support for
 scripting with Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl but no GUI.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2013-03-05 01:38:15 UTC Obsolete Ubuntu Maverick amd64 release universe editors Extra 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu4
  • Removed from disk on 2013-03-05.
  • Removal requested on 2013-03-05.
  • Published on 2010-09-28
  2010-09-28 12:06:43 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Maverick amd64 release universe editors Extra 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu3
  • Removal requested on 2010-09-29.
  • Superseded on 2010-09-28 by amd64 build of vim 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu4 in ubuntu maverick RELEASE
  • Published on 2010-04-30
  • Copied from ubuntu lucid-release amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu