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Bug Importance Status Package Patch Age
Bug #1053057: Client queues up lshw calls if talking to old server Undecided Fix Committed landscape-client 83 weeks

From: Andreas Hasenack
Link: 12.05-0ubuntu1.12.04.debdiff


Bug #715242: TVTime generates unwanted L_Shift key press events High Triaged tvtime 110 weeks

From: Benjamin Drung
Link: tvtime_1.0.2-5ubuntu2.1.debdiff


Bug #937051: Cannot set MAC address via kernel boot parameters Undecided New linux-ti-omap4 113 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-smsc95xx-panda-don-t-blindly-overwrite-MAC-address.patch


Bug #931036: dhcpcd before 5.2.12 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in a hostname obtained from a DHCP message. Undecided Confirmed dhcpcd5 114 weeks

From: Zubin Mithra
Link: dhcpcd_3.2.3-7ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #807675: please port 0.8.1 for Natty Medium Fix Committed augeas 122 weeks

From: Raphaël Pinson
Link: augeas_0.8.0-0ubuntu5~pparaphink1.debdiff


Bug #743198: "You have no chance to survive make your time" error Undecided Fix Committed pithos 123 weeks

From: Matt Harrison

pithos misc.sync patch

Bug #24330: CIFS mount blocks suspend/hibernate Undecided Confirmed kdeutils 128 weeks

From: Chris J Arges
Link: 0001-cifs-freezer-add-wait_event_freezekillable-and-have-.patch

cifs-freezer-add-wait_event_freezekillable patch

Bug #500863: Problem when copying folders with Nautilus using WebDAV Low Fix Committed gvfs 134 weeks

From: Colin Leroy
Link: gvfs_fix_lp_500863.patch

Debdiff fixing the problem.

Bug #730633: lashd 6 doesn't load projects from JFS (patch included) Undecided New lash 144 weeks

From: Daniel T Chen
Link: lash_0.6.0~rc2-5ubuntu0.1.debdiff

Patch for natty-proposed

Bug #784179: SRU: Banshee bugfix release Undecided Fix Committed banshee 144 weeks

From: Doug McMahon
Link: cd_info.patch


Bug #789198: Firefox crashes when attempting to play webm video on ARM with Thumb2 enabled Undecided New binutils 148 weeks

From: Dave Martin
Link: firefox-build-workaround.diff

Untested potential workaround, which forces an explicit .align directive in the assembler input

Bug #793777: q4wine conflicts with wine1.3 package Undecided Fix Committed q4wine 148 weeks

From: Tehnick
Link: debdiff_0.120-r1-3_to_0.120-r1-3ubuntu1.diff


Bug #797849: Add rev 3bbd4496 from kde4libs trunk Undecided Fix Committed kde4libs 149 weeks

From: Rohan Garg
Link: raw


Bug #657598: g15macro crashes with buffer overflow Undecided Fix Committed g15daemon 149 weeks
Bug #790011: quickly package creates faulty deb Undecided Fix Committed quickly 150 weeks

From: Michael Terry
Link: quickly.debdiff


Bug #747400: Applet wrongly replaces space in Samba share URI Medium Fix Committed system-config-printer 151 weeks
Bug #370735: terminated on stack smashing detected message Undecided Incomplete gmemusage 151 weeks

From: Akkana Peck
Link: gmemusage_0.2-11ubuntu1.debdiff

debdiff of the patch

Bug #769442: doesn't work from behind a proxy, paralyzes dpkg Undecided Fix Committed b43-fwcutter 152 weeks
Bug #779717: indicator-multiload causes a memory leak in compiz when run under unity Undecided Triaged unity 152 weeks

From: Michael Hofmann
Link: unity-pixbuf-fix-2.patch


Bug #784888: indexerror in vmbuilder when partitionfile contains 2 columns or less Undecided Fix Committed vm-builder 153 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: patch


Bug #707794: libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support High Confirmed qwtplot3d 153 weeks

From: Ricardo Salveti
Link: pyside_1.0.1-1ubuntu0.1.debdiff

debdiff that fixes the FTBFS for arm

Bug #707794: libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support Undecided New sofa-framework 153 weeks

From: Ricardo Salveti
Link: pyside_1.0.1-1ubuntu0.1.debdiff

debdiff that fixes the FTBFS for arm

Bug #782007: execscript runs before many configuration steps Low Fix Committed vm-builder 154 weeks

From: Chris R. Jones
Link: patch

Move post_install hook later

Bug #721147: flash-kernel subarch check fails with Linaro OMAP kernels Undecided Fix Committed flash-kernel 155 weeks

From: Ricardo Salveti
Link: flash-kernel_2.28ubuntu19.1.debdiff


Bug #730216: lash_wrap never exits (fix included) Undecided New lashwrap 161 weeks

From: Dan Muresan
Link: lashwrap_no_sigchld_ignore.diff

don't SIG_IGN SIG_CHLD in lash_wrap

Bug #350936: Should shut down domains on system shutdown Undecided Confirmed kvm 173 weeks

From: Martin Rusko
Link: libvirt-bin.conf.diff


Bug #568275: No JS in 0.12.0~svn2018-6ubuntu2 Wishlist Triaged mediatomb 209 weeks

From: Raik Bieniek
Link: mediatomb.diff

Diff against Version mediatomb_0.12.0~svn2018-6ubuntu2

Bug #3417: Lack of Ubuntufication (wrong or missing keyrings) Medium Fix Committed mini-dinstall 418 weeks

From: Jérémie Corbier
Link: mini-dinstall.debdiff

Debdiff for ubuntufication

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