Change logs for lernid source package in Natty

  • lernid ( natty-backports; urgency=low
      * Automated backport upload; no source changes.
    lernid ( oneiric; urgency=low
      * Oneiric release. (LP: #844923)
      * Merge changes to convert from python-central to dh_python2
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      * Ready for release
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      * Make schedule a bit easier to read by making font used for instructors one size smaller
    lernid (0.8.2) natty; urgency=low
      * Add 'avoid-desktopcouch' debugging option.
      * Remove #ubuntu-classroom-es. Assign correct calendar to #ubuntu-charlas
      * Document the following merges in debian/changelog:
      * Add instructor names to schedule.
      * Add option -d (--debug) for message received and members changed events as
          well as for all other verbose messages. Makes --verbose less verbose.
          Fixes LP: #816080.
      * Couch desktopcouch in try: clause; ignore desktopcouch database if
          unavailable. Fixes LP: #795138 and LP: #516619 by this circumvention.
      * Use a config file as backup for desktopcouch. Window sizes and pane settings
          will not be restored. The config file is recreated each time lernid
          is run, whether or not desktopcouch is available.
      * Get the events from /etc/lernid-classrooms.d/* rather than from the
          Internet. Remove all but the last weeks events and scroll down
          to the current time. LP: #528870.
      * Add /etc/lernid-classrooms.d/ubuntu-classroom and
      * Add ubuntu-charlas chatroom choice. These implement the
          lernid-config-file-improvements blueprint
          basic requirements. Also fix LP: #533279 and LP: #793033.
      * Add button to open the slide file in the user's (external) browser.
          Add tooltip text to slide window giving the slide url.
          Resolves LP: #830856 and LP: #530817.
      * Add new [slidefile url] and [slidefile url 3] instructor commands to
          load a slide file during a session, and to load the slide file and then
          switch to the page.
      * Load slide file asynchronously using gio (rather than using threads).
          Again fixes LP: #530119. Fixes LP: #795347. Report downloading progress.
          Restablishes these two functions originally created by Peeyoosh
      * Remove bold effect from the room names in the classroom and chatroom label.
          Include the '#' in the name, if someone had  abbreviated it.
          Fixes LP: #806797.
      * Add a ZERO WIDTH SPACE and SIX-PER-EM SPACE following "QUESTION: " to help
          classbot pick out questions without regard to the word "QUESTION" as its
          language might not match the one lernid is using. Addresses LP: 808570.
      * Look for classbot messages in a case-insensitive manner. Mark its messages
          by making them italic. Fixes LP: #794126
      * Retrieve the value of "QUESTION:" from the session or the event. Look first
          for a question_token value in the session, then for a locale for the
          session, then for a question_token value for the event, then for a locale
          value for the event.
      * If locale is used and begins with es, translate QUESTION to spanish, otherwise
          leave as english.
      * Added a server variable to events for later use.
      * Replace light style of QUESTION: label with normal style so it doesn't appear
          to be insensitive. Tooltip text applies to both label and the check  box
          itself. Clicking on the tooltext label toggles the button. Fixes
          LP: #806800, LP: #806793, LP: #793029.
      * Make Question: upper-case in the notification reminder and in the mouse-over
          text. Thanks to Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #808569 .
      * Handle the response to the user dismissing the Open event window in two
          stages so that the window can be hidden before the remaining processing
          is started. Fixes LP: #806804.
      * Add preference to open URL's as a new tab in the user's default browser
          rather than in Lernid. The initial classroom web page and the
          Event->Open URL... dialog are excluded.
          Thanks to Peeyoosh Sangolekar for providing this feature. See
      * Make the test for messages from instructors and helpers case-insensitive.
          Thanks to Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #812427 .
      * Change the last user-agent product-id from Safari to lernid. Thanks go to
          Mohammad AbuShady. Fixes LP: #793805 .
      * Prepend URL's input into the Open URL... dialog box with http:// if
          necessary. Thanks, Diogenese The Cynical. Fixes LP: #793793.
      * Set new version number
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      * Note that LP: #808982 is fixed
      * Allow anyone (with voice) to change slides or switch browser if channel
          is moderated.
      * Wrap notification requests in try: clause so failure doesn't cause lernid to
          error. Fixes LP: #808982
      * Set user-stylesheet-uri in webkit settings to circumvent webkit problem
          with webkit-box-shadow. Fixes LP: #793780. Thanks to the Midori
          project for covering this in their FAQ at
      * Set new version number
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      No change entry to note fixed bugs in bazaar.
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      Set for release
      Add John S Gruber to AUTHOR file
      Correct classroom and chatroom labels if lernid was invoked with the
         the --chatroom or --classroom option.
      Fix traceback where appindicator is turned off by preference.
      Correct handling of unusual case where a calendar start or stop time is
      Change maintainer to John S Gruber and add copyrights. Set new version.
      In the schedule add italicized event names to the titles of sessions.
      Use checkbox rather than a button to allow the user to prepend "Question:"
          to their contribution to the chatroom.
      Let the user know about Question: in the session notification.
          Fixes: LP: #793029
      When classroom and chatroom are joined change their widgets from inactive to
          active so it is more obvious. Fixes LP: #604658
      Switch to the session tab at the beginning of the event. Suggest in session
          notification that the user keep the tab selected to see all visual
          materials. Use an eyecatcher, with color, to point out that additional
          slides or web material are in the session tab. Add a status
          message suggesting the user switch to the session tab. LP: #793788
      Warn in the connection dialog that connecting can take a minute.
          LP: #604773
      See that only an instructor or helper can change what the browser displays.
          LP: #530185. Add option to override this for testing.
      Emphasize messages from an instructor, helper, or classbot. LP: #794126
      Add a --chatroom option so that the user can specify both the classroom and
          chatroom they want.
      Remove nicknames saying <???> by rechecking with telepathy when a nickname
          is unknown. LP: #793048
      Fix mispelling of "event" in in lernid/ code.
      Change format of slide progress message to ease translation.
          LP: #792364
      Delay setting pane positions until the system has resized the
          window. Sort of hackish. LP: #801547
      Don't specify that "lernid" should be translated in LernidWindow.ui
          and other locations. Addresses LP: #682807
      Add classroom and chatroom names to their widgets.
      Address LP: #493316 adding extensions to make Lernid more robust when a
          connection doesn't exist, the config site, calendar, or irc server
          cannot be reached, or the connection is dropped. Also addresses
          LP: #528935, LP: #603248, LP: #795339 Supplies default configs or
          calendar as needed. Session entries without complete information are
          noted in the schedule.
      Merge Chris Coulson's changes to remove the dependency on gtkmozembed.
          LP: #799211.
    lernid (0.8.1) natty; urgency=low
      * Prepare next release
      * Retrieve nicks (aliases) rather than ids so nicks displayed match
        user preference (and match what other irc clients display) (LP: #604770)
      * Correct room prefix check to look at[0] rather than [1]
      * Fix FTBFS on oneiric due to missing, and unnecessary, file.
        (LP: #782740)
      * Merge current translations
    lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      * Sanity check pane settings. Retrieve update main window size from
        configure-event callbacks rather than trying to retrieve size from
        a possibly destroyed window (by window manager). Allow window manager
        complete discretion in window placement. (LP: #764082)
      * Revise size parameters passed to poppler page render call. (LP: #764069)
      * Revert the slide loading function to run synchronously
        rather than using python threads. (LP: #749848)
      * Handle case where web page has no title. (LP: #751019)
      * Correct color setting in tags in and (LP: #716937)
      * Add desktopcouch dependencies. If desktopcouch related package dependencies
        are corrected this will no longer be necessary. (LP: #727232)
     -- Micah Gersten <email address hidden>   Wed, 02 May 2012 09:13:03 +0000
  • lernid ( natty; urgency=low
      * Closes: LP: #749848: Revert the slide loading function to run synchronously
                rather than using python threads.
      * Closes: LP: #751019: Handle case where web page has no title.
      * Closes: LP: #764069: Revise size parameters passed to poppler page render
     -- John S Gruber <email address hidden>   Mon, 18 Apr 2011 23:58:23 -0400
  • lernid (0.8) natty; urgency=low
      * Fix Significant bugs
        (LP: #716937) - Correct specification of text tags colors
        (LP: #727232) - Add desktopcouch as dependency
     -- John S Gruber <email address hidden>   Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:22:10 -0400
  • lernid (0.7) maverick; urgency=low
      * New upstream version, fixes bugs:
        (LP: #530119) - Don't block UI when downloading slides
        (LP: #500495) - Should support other IRC channel prefixes than '#'
        (LP: #510003) - Warnings in the terminal when closing Lernid
        (LP: #530115) - exit in terminal
        (LP: #514733) - Preload the default page in browser
        (LP: #503224) - Lernid opens too small
        (LP: #530810) - URLs in chat area should be clickable
        (LP: #530821) - Add an xchat-type separator line for new text in
        (LP: #531492) - missing copy menu entries for browser widget
      * debian/control, change section:
        (LP: #546968) - Inappropriately appears in Ubuntu Software Center
                        "Developer Tools" > "Python"
     -- Andrew Higginson <email address hidden>   Sat, 31 Jul 2010 08:42:13 +0100