Binary package “libfm-gtk1” in ubuntu oneiric

file management support - GTK+ GUI library

 LibFM provides file management functions built on top of Glib/GIO,
 giving a convenient higher-level API. Features:
  * Desktop-independent, following FreeDesktop standards;
  * Fast, light on memory usage, and responsive - well suited to
    less powerful hardware such as netbooks and thin clients;
  * Uses GIO/GVFS (like Nautilus) for Trash support and access to
    remote file systems (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Windows shares, etc.);
  * Clipboard operations are compatible with GTK+/GNOME and Qt/KDE;
  * Supports both Drag-and-Drop, and the X Direct Save protocol;
  * Reusable design with the core functions separated out to
    simplify porting to other GUIs.
 This package contains the GTK+ GUI.

Published versions

Not published at present.