kdepimlibs source package in Oneiric

kdepimlibs-dbg: No summary available for kdepimlibs-dbg in ubuntu natty.
kdepimlibs-kio-plugins: kio slaves used by KDE PIM applications
kdepimlibs5: No summary available for kdepimlibs5 in ubuntu natty.
kdepimlibs5-dev: development files for the KDE Development Platform PIM libraries
libakonadi-calendar4: library providing calendar helpers for Akonadi items
libakonadi-contact4: library for using the Akonadi PIM data server
libakonadi-kabc4: No summary available for libakonadi-kabc4 in ubuntu natty.
libakonadi-kcal4: library for using the Akonadi PIM data server
libakonadi-kde4: library for using the Akonadi PIM data server
libakonadi-kmime4: No summary available for libakonadi-kmime4 in ubuntu natty.
libgpgme++2: No summary available for libgpgme++2 in ubuntu natty.
libkabc4: No summary available for libkabc4 in ubuntu natty.
libkblog4: No summary available for libkblog4 in ubuntu natty.
libkcal4: No summary available for libkcal4 in ubuntu natty.
libkcalcore4: library for handling calendar data
libkcalutils4: No summary available for libkcalutils4 in ubuntu natty.
libkholidays4: holidays calculation library
libkimap4: library for handling IMAP data
libkldap4: No summary available for libkldap4 in ubuntu natty.
libkmbox: No summary available for libkmbox in ubuntu oneiric.
libkmime4: library for handling MIME data
libkontactinterface4: Kontact interface library
libkpimidentities4: No summary available for libkpimidentities4 in ubuntu natty.
libkpimtextedit4: library that provides a textedit with PIM-specific features
libkpimutils4: library for dealing with email addresses
libkresources4: No summary available for libkresources4 in ubuntu natty.
libktnef4: library for handling TNEF data
libkxmlrpcclient4: simple XML-RPC client library
libmailtransport4: No summary available for libmailtransport4 in ubuntu natty.
libmicroblog4: No summary available for libmicroblog4 in ubuntu natty.
libqgpgme1: library for GpgME++ integration with Qt
libsyndication4: No summary available for libsyndication4 in ubuntu natty.

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KDE SCkdepimlibstrunk

Contains Personal Information Management libraries needed to run KDE 4 applications.

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes
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