linux-meta source package in Oneiric

linux: Generic complete Linux kernel.
linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-generic: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-generic in ubuntu natty.
linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-generic-pae: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-generic-pae in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-server: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-headers-natty-server in ubuntu natty.
linux-backports-modules-net-natty-generic: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-net-natty-generic in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-backports-modules-net-natty-generic-pae: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-net-natty-generic-pae in ubuntu natty.
linux-backports-modules-net-natty-server: No summary available for linux-backports-modules-net-natty-server in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-crashdump: No summary available for linux-crashdump in ubuntu natty.
linux-generic: No summary available for linux-generic in ubuntu natty.
linux-generic-pae: No summary available for linux-generic-pae in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-generic: No summary available for linux-headers-generic in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-generic-pae: Generic Linux kernel headers
linux-headers-omap: No summary available for linux-headers-omap in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-powerpc: No summary available for linux-headers-powerpc in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-powerpc-smp: No summary available for linux-headers-powerpc-smp in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-powerpc64-smp: No summary available for linux-headers-powerpc64-smp in ubuntu natty.
linux-headers-server: Linux kernel headers on Server Equipment.
linux-headers-versatile: No summary available for linux-headers-versatile in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-headers-virtual: Linux kernel headers for virtual machines
linux-image: No summary available for linux-image in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-generic: No summary available for linux-image-generic in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-generic-pae: No summary available for linux-image-generic-pae in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-omap: Linux kernel image for the OMAP3 architecture.
linux-image-powerpc: No summary available for linux-image-powerpc in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-powerpc-smp: No summary available for linux-image-powerpc-smp in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-powerpc64-smp: No summary available for linux-image-powerpc64-smp in ubuntu natty.
linux-image-server: Linux kernel image on Server Equipment.
linux-image-versatile: No summary available for linux-image-versatile in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-image-virtual: Linux kernel image for virtual machines
linux-omap: Complete Linux kernel for the OMAP3 architecture.
linux-powerpc: Complete Linux kernel on PowerPC.
linux-powerpc-smp: Complete Linux kernel on PowerPC SMP.
linux-powerpc64-smp: Complete Linux kernel on PowerPC64 SMP.
linux-server: Complete Linux kernel on Server Equipment.
linux-source: Linux kernel source with Ubuntu patches
linux-tools: Linux kernel versioned Tools
linux-versatile: No summary available for linux-versatile in ubuntu oneiric.
linux-virtual: Complete Linux kernel for virtual machines

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linux-meta information

Current version:
Low Urgency

Upstream connections


The Linux kernel, which provides the core of many open source operating systems, such as Ubuntu

Bug supervisor: yes
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes

A newer version of linux-meta is available for packaging: Linux 3.19.5

Binary packages

  • linux-image-extra-virtual (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-image-server (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-omap (armel)
  • linux-backports-modules-net-oneiric-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-image-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-powerpc64-smp (powerpc)
  • linux (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-tools (amd64) (armel) (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-net-oneiric-server (amd64)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.1-oneiric-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-headers-server (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-powerpc (powerpc)
  • linux-headers-powerpc-smp (powerpc)
  • linux-server (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-crashdump (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-headers-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-image-virtual (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.2-oneiric-server (amd64)
  • linux-image-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-image-omap (armel)
  • linux-backports-modules-headers-oneiric-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-headers-powerpc (powerpc)
  • linux-backports-modules-net-oneiric-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-image-powerpc-smp (powerpc)
  • linux-source (amd64) (armel) (i386) (powerpc)
  • linux-backports-modules-headers-oneiric-server (amd64)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.1-oneiric-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-headers-virtual (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-headers-oneiric-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.2-oneiric-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-virtual (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-headers-powerpc64-smp (powerpc)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.3-oneiric-generic (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.1-oneiric-server (amd64)
  • linux-powerpc-smp (powerpc)
  • linux-image-powerpc (powerpc)
  • linux-headers-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-image (amd64) (i386)
  • linux-image-powerpc64-smp (powerpc)
  • linux-headers-omap (armel)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.2-oneiric-generic-pae (i386)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.3-oneiric-server (amd64)
  • linux-backports-modules-cw-3.3-oneiric-generic-pae (i386)

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linux-meta_3. 9.4 KiB 89b719c296e6e3812118d09dc14b3d32
linux-meta_3. 5.1 KiB a811338f19b1b20feceb07d824f6bd15

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