“mediawiki-extensions” 2.4 source package in The Oneiric Ocelot

Publishing history

PUBLISHED: Oneiric pocket Release in component universe and section web
  • Published on 2011-04-30


mediawiki-extensions (2.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix a few extensions’ bugs to achieve XHTML validity
  * Make id attributes unique in RSS_Reader and fix warnings
  * Add Interwiki (Special:Interwiki) extension
  * Bump Standards-Version, no relevant changes
  * Switch extensions from trunk or 1.15.3 tag to 1.15 branch, switch
    GraphViz extension to MW SVN trunk, update them and refresh patches
    - contains PHP 5.3 compatibility for ConfirmEdit (Closes: #612227)
    - newer GraphViz extension (LP: #720217)
  * Acknowledge NMU by Stefano Rivera, thanks! (patch was superseded)
  * Fix LDAP Auth by John Franklin (LP: #668589)
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