Binary package “python3-in-place” in ubuntu oracular

In-place file processing

 The in-place package is a Python library that provides an intuitive and
 efficient way to edit files in-place. It allows developers to perform in-place
 modifications to text files without the need for temporary files or manual
 handling of file I/O operations.
   - Simplifies in-place editing of text files in Python.
   - Provides a convenient API for performing modifications directly on files.
   - Supports operations such as replacing text, appending or deleting lines,
     and more.
   - Handles file I/O operations and modifications efficiently.
   - Offers flexibility in choosing how modifications are applied (e.g., line
     by line or in bulk).
 In-place editing can be useful in various scenarios, including log file
 processing, configuration file updates, and data transformations. The in-place
 library streamlines the process by abstracting away the complexities of file
 handling and allows developers to focus on the actual modifications.