Binary package “aoetools” in ubuntu precise

tools to assist in using ATA over Ethernet

 The aoetools are programs that assist in using ATA over Ethernet. These
 tools are designed to work with the "aoe" driver for Linux 2.6 kernels;
 in fact, this version recommends kernel 2.6.14 or later, as both support
 up to 16 slots per shelf address.
 Systems running Linux 2.4 kernels do not need and should not install
 the aoetools. The aoe driver for 2.4 kernels is self-sufficient.
 There are several tools included in this package:
  * aoecfg - manipulate AoE configuration strings
  * aoe-discover - trigger discovery of ATA over Ethernet devices
  * aoe-flush - flush the down devices out of the aoe driver
  * aoe-interfaces - restrict network interfaces used for AoE
  * aoe-mkdevs - create character and block device files
  * aoe-mkshelf - create block device files for one shelf address
  * aoeping - simple userland communication with AoE devices
  * aoe-revalidate - revalidate the disk size of an AoE device
  * aoe-stat - print status information for AoE devices
  * aoe-version - print AoE-related software version information
  * coraid-update - upload an update file to a Coraid appliance