Binary package “apf-client” in ubuntu precise

Client for Active Port Forwarding

 Active Port Forwarder is a tool for secure port forwarding. It uses ssl
 to increase security of communication between the server and the client.
 It is designed for people without an external IP who want to make some
 services available on the Internet. The Active Port Forwarder server
 (afserver) is placed on the machine with a public address, and the client
 (afclient) is placed on the machine behind a firewall or masquerade. This
 makes the second machine visible to the Internet.
 This package provides the Active Port Forwarder client.
 Short list of features:
  * Using one permanent data/control channel with flow control/packet
    buffering provides good performance and reasonably small latency.
  * Use zlib to compress the transferred data.
  * Able to use ssl for all comunication or only for the autentification.
  * Able to transfer multiple tunnels in the one afclient <-> afserver
    connection making possible create more sophisticated tunneling scheme.
  * Doesn't require root priviledges.
  * Doesn't use threads or other processes.
  * The afclient can use external modules for user's packets filtering.