Binary package “exult-studio” in ubuntu precise

tools for editing and viewing exult games

   expack - Command line tool for creating and extracting Flex (.flx)
                  files. Flex files are used by Ultima 7 to store most
                  of its data.
   splitshp - Command line tool to take a multi-frame shp file and
                  split it into its individual frames.
   shp2pcx - Command line tool to convert shp files to pcx format;
                  the shp files can be extracted using expack.
   ucxt - Tool to translate usecode back into `human readable',
                  roughly assembly like code. The output can be presented
                  in a variety of different format, including one which
                  will, later, have a suitable compiler back into usecode.
   ucc - A usecode compiler.
   exult_studio - An editor for games using the Exult engine.
 These are all works in progress.
 A GIMP plugin is provided, so that if you have the GIMP installed you
 can edit and create game graphics with it.