Binary package “flphoto” in ubuntu precise

Image manager with great printing functionality

 flPhoto is a basic image management and display program based on the
 FLTK toolkit and is provided under the terms of the GNU General
 Public License. It can read, write, and display digital camera EXIF
 information and supports the following image file formats:
    * AVI (first frame only)
    * BMP
    * JPEG
    * PhotoCD
    * PNG
    * Various camera RAW formats
 flPhoto organizes image files into albums which can be:
    * Printed
    * Viewed as a slideshow
    * Exported to web pages
 Images can be imported individually, by directory, or from digital
 cameras using the gPhoto library.
 Image files can be transformed and touched-up; the following image
 operations are available:
    * Crop
    * Rotate
    * Scale
    * Auto-Correct
    * Adjust Brightness and Contrast
    * Remove Red Eye
    * Sharpen
    * Blur
 Questions about flPhoto should be directed to flphoto at easysw dot
 com or the FLTK mailing lists and newsgroups.