Binary package “fondu” in ubuntu precise

convert between Mac and UNIX font formats

 Fondu is a set of programs to convert between Mac font formats and
 PFB, TTF, OTF and BDF files on UNIX.
 Fondu will read a series of mac files, check their resource forks and
 extract all font related items into separate files.
 The input files may be either macbinary files (.bin), binhex files
 (.hqx), bare mac resource forks or data fork resource files (.dfont,
 used by Mac OS/X). A bare resource fork may be generated easily be
 copying a file with a resource fork onto a floppy (or zip) with a DOS
 format. The mac will create an (invisible on the mac) folder called
 resource.frk in which the resource fork will reside as a bare file.