Binary package “freesci” in ubuntu precise

a portable interpreter for SCI games like Space Quest 3

 FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space Quest
 series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels).
 FreeSCI is still incomplete. You should be able to finish some SCI games with
 it, though.
 This release has the following limitations (plus some bugs):
  - Only SCI0 games are supported (later versions are being worked on separately
    in the experimental "glutton" branch)
  - The SCI debug functions aren't fully supported (and probably never will be,
    since we're using our own debug functions)
 It has the following improvements over Sierra SCI:
  - Support for various filters and extended drawing operations for graphics
  - saving and restoring the game state is possible from more places than the
    Sierra SCI engine allowed (using the debugger functions)
  - Better debugger
  - More portable
  - It's Free software :-)