Binary package “ftnchek” in ubuntu precise

A semantic checker for Fortran 77 programs

 ftnchek (short for Fortran checker) is a tool designed to detect
 certain errors in a Fortran program that a compiler usually does not,
 thus assisting users in the debugging of their Fortran programs.
 Unlike syntax errors, semantic errors are legal in the Fortran
 language but are wasteful or may cause incorrect operation. For
 example, variables which are never used may indicate some omission in
 the program; uninitialized variables contain garbage which may cause
 incorrect results to be calculated; and variables which are not
 declared may not have the intended type.
 ftnchek can also be used to provide call-trees, cross-reference of
 subprogram calls and COMMON blocks usage, source listings, symbol
 tables and other things you might find useful when debugging a
 Fortran program.