Binary package “gedit-plugins” in ubuntu precise

set of plugins for gedit

 gedit-plugins contain a set of plugins for gedit, GNOME's text editor.
 The following plugins are included:
  * Bracket Completion: Automatically adds closing brackets.
  * Bookmarks: Easy document navigation with bookmarks
  * Commander: Command line interface for advanced editing
  * SyncTeX: Synchronize between LaTeX and PDF with gedit and evince.
  * Draw Spaces: Draw Spaces and Tabs
  * Code comment: Comment out or uncomment a selected block of code.
  * Text Size: Easily increase and decrease the text size
  * Join/Split Lines: Join several lines or split long ones
  * Word Completion: Word completion using the completion framework
  * Color Picker: Pick a color from a dialog and insert its hexadecimal representation.
  * Multi Edit: Edit document in multiple places at once
  * Character Map: Insert special characters just by clicking on them.
  * Embedded Terminal: Embed a terminal in the bottom pane.
  * Session Saver: Save and restore your working sessions
  * Smart Spaces: Forget you're not using tabulations.
  * Tag list: Provides a method to easily insert commonly used tags/strings into a document without having to type them.
  * Dashboard: A Dashboard for new tabs