Binary package “haskell-debian-utils” in ubuntu precise

Various helpers to work with Debian packages

 This package contains tools shipped with the Haskell library “debian”:
   * fakechanges:
     Sometimes you have the .debs, .dsc, .tar.gz, .diff.gz, etc from a package
     build, but not the .changes file. This package lets you create a fake
     .changes file in case you need one.
   * debian-report:
     Analyze Debian repositories and generate reports about their contents and
     relations. For example, a list of all packages in a distribution that are
     trumped by another distribution.
   * cabal-debian:
     Tool for creating debianizations of Haskell packages based on the .cabal
     file. If apt-file is installed it will use it to discover what is the
     debian package name of a C library.
   * apt-get-build-depends:
     Tool which will parse the Build-Depends{-Indep} lines from debian/control
     and apt-get install the required packages