Binary package “ifeffit” in ubuntu precise

Interactive XAFS analysis program

 IFEFFIT is an interactive program for XAFS analysis. It combines the
 high-quality analysis algorithms of AUTOBK and FEFFIT with graphical display
 of XAFS data and general data manipulation.
 IFEFFIT comes as a command-line program, but the underlying functionality is
 available as a programming library. The IFEFFIT library can be used from C,
 Fortran, Tcl, Perl, and Python. This allows a variety of user interfaces
 (both graphical and non-graphical) to be written around IFEFFIT. Currently,
 three graphical user interfaces: G.I.FEFFIT, ATHENA/ARTEMIS, and SIXPACK
 are built on the underlying IFEFFIT library. IFEFFIT and all three GUIs are
 under active development, but are fairly well tested and ready for use.