Binary package “imview” in ubuntu precise

Image viewing and analysis application

 Imview is an application which
  * Displays a large number of image formats.
  * Displays 2D or 3D (as slices) images with a very good zoom and pan
  * Works with multi-spectral, time series or multi-page documents (e.g.:
    Satellite images, TIFF stacks, animated GIFs and heterogeneous
    multi-component files).
  * Displays all pixel types (1-bit to 64-bit data, integer or floating
  * Arbitrary 1-D profile of 2-D images (or of 2-D slices of 3-D images) can
    be displayed.
  * Has support for arbitrary colourmaps for all pixel types (i.e.: false
    colour display).
  * Has standard image manipulation facilities (brightness/contrast, gamma,
    zoom, crop, rotation, etc).
  * Can be controlled remotely via sockets and text commands (for easy
    integration into various image analysis systems).
  * Images can be uploaded into Imview via sockets or shared memory.
  * And much more!