Binary package “isdnutils-base” in ubuntu precise

ISDN utilities, the basic (minimal) set

 These utilities are the basic set of ISDN utilities that you need when you
 have an ISDN card installed. For complete functionality comparable to the
 old isdnutils package, you also need the following packages:
  ipppd for networking over ISDN with syncPPP
  isdnlog for logging ISDN calls (and much more)
  isdnutils-xtools for X ISDN apps (currently only xisdnload and xmonisdn)
  isdnutils-doc for extensive documentation (basic docs are of course
                   included with each package)
  isdnvboxserver ISDN answering machine, things needed on a server system
  isdnvboxclient ISDN answering machine, client side (vbox)