Binary package “jfbterm” in ubuntu precise

multilingual terminal on Linux framebuffer

 Jfbterm (J Framebuffer Terminal/Multilingual Extension) can display
 multilingual text on Linux framebuffer. It can display ISO-2022
 text such as ISO-8859-{1-11,13-16}, ISO-2022-{JP,CN,KR}, EUC-JP,
 EUC-KR (aka Wangsung), EUC-CN (aka GB2312 or CN-GB).
 It also supports UTF-8, and other coding system such as SHIFT_JIS by
 using iconv(3).
 It supports 8bpp PACKED-PIXELS PSEUDOCOLOR and (15|16|24|32) bpp
 PACKED-PIXELS TRUECOLOR framebuffers. It also supports 1bpp, 2bpp,
 (and vga16fb on arch i386).