Binary package “kraptor” in ubuntu precise

Classic shoot 'em up scroller game

 Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game, where you must fight
 against tons of bad dudes. The game offers high speed action, with massive
 destruction and lots of fun. Kraptor features a powerful engine for 2D
 shooter scroller games.
 After years of oppression, the slaved people of the world have raised against
 their masters. You, has a mercenary pilot, has been contacted by the popular
 rebellion to fight against the forces of oppression. In the morning, you jump
 into your cockpit and start up the engines. It's time to get airborne and start
 the attack. Get ready to scramble the scum hired by the masters. Murder for
 freedom is the only way, you're on a mission, don't defraud us...