Binary package “libcommons-math-java” in ubuntu precise

Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components

 Commons Math is a Java library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics
 and statistics components.
 Commons Math is made up of a small set of math/stat utilities addressing
 programming problems like the ones in the list below:
  - Computing means, variances and other summary statistics for a list of
  - Fitting a line to a set of data points using linear regression
  - Finding a smooth curve that passes through a collection of points
  - Fitting a parametric model to a set of measurements using least-squares
  - Solving equations involving real-valued functions (i.e. root-finding)
  - Solving systems of linear equations
  - Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
  - Minimizing multi-dimensional functions
  - Generating random numbers with more restrictions (e.g distribution, range)
  than what is possible using the JDK
  - Generating random samples and/or datasets that are "like" the data in an
  input file
  - Performing statistical significance tests
  - Miscellaneous mathematical functions such as factorials, binomial
  coefficients and "special functions" (e.g. gamma, beta functions)
 This is a part of the Apache Commons Project.