Binary package “libggi2” in ubuntu precise

General Graphics Interface runtime libraries

 "General Graphics Interface" - a fast, portable graphics environment.
 This package contains the shared libraries for libGGI, the lowest-level
 drawing library provided by GGI.
 Since none of the targets included here are, alone, capable of real,
 physical graphics output, you'll probably need to install at least one
 of the libggi-target packages to make any kind of sensible use of libGGI.
 Included are libGGI drivers for these targets:
  "memory" draws into hidden in-memory framebuffers
  "ipc" draws into attached shared memory framebuffers
  "multi" draws output onto multiple displays simultaneously
  "tile" combines several displays into a single logical display
  "sub" draws output into a sub-window on another target
  "file" draws into a specially formatted file
  "tele" draws on a remote teleserver