Binary package “librelp-dev” in ubuntu precise

Reliable Event Logging Protocol (RELP) library - development files

 RELP provides reliable event logging over the network.
 RELP (and hence) librelp assures that no message is lost, not even when
 connections break and a peer becomes unavailable. The current version of
 RELP has a minimal window of opportunity for message duplication after a
 session has been broken due to network problems. In this case, a few messages
 may be duplicated (a problem that also exists with plain tcp syslog). Future
 versions of RELP will address this shortcoming.
 Please note that RELP is a general-purpose, extensible logging protocol. Even
 though it was designed to solve the urgent need of rsyslog-to-rsyslog
 communication, RELP supports many more applications. Extensible command verbs
 provide ample opportunity to extend the protocol without affecting existing