Binary package “lifelines” in ubuntu precise

text-based genealogy software

 LifeLines is a genealogy program that runs on UNIX systems in text mode. It
 maintains genealogical records (persons, families, sources, events and
 others) in a database, and generates reports from those records.
 There are no practical limits on the number of records that can be stored in
 a LifeLines database, nor on the amounts or kinds of data that can be
 kept in the records.
 LifeLines does not contain built-in reports. Instead it provides a
 programming subsystem that you use to program your own reports and
 charts. Some standard report files are included in the
 lifelines-reports package.
 The programming subsystem also lets you query your databases and
 process your data in any way. LifeLines uses the terminal independent
 features of UNIX to provide a screen and menu based user interface.
 The program is able to read and write GEDCOM files, the de facto
 standard for genealogical data exchange.