Binary package “nama” in ubuntu precise

Ecasound-based multitrack recorder/mixer

 Nama is a text-based application for multitrack
 recording, mixing and mastering using the Ecasound
 audio engine developed by Kai Vehmanen.
 Features include tracks, buses, effects, presets,
 sends, inserts, marks and regions. Nama runs under JACK and
 ALSA audio frameworks, automatically detects LADSPA plugins,
 and supports Ladish Level 1 session handling.
 All editing under Nama is non-destructive. Effects are
 generally applied in realtime. A track caching (track
 freezing) function is also available.
 The command prompt accepts Nama commands, Ecasound
 interactive-mode commands, shell commands and perl code,
 providing command history and autocompletion. The help
 system covers internal commands and LADSPA effects and
 includes keyword search.
 By default, Nama displays a simple graphic interface while
 the command processor runs in a terminal window. The -t
 option provides a text-only interface for console users.