Binary package “ogmrip” in ubuntu precise

Application for ripping and encoding DVD

 ogmrip is an application and a set of libraries for ripping and encoding
 DVD into AVI, OGM MP4 or Matroska files using a wide variety of codecs. It
 relies on mplayer, mencoder, ogmtools, mkvtoolnix, oggenc, lame and faac to
 perform its tasks.
  o transcodes from DVD or files
  o outputs ogm, avi, mp4 or matroska files
  o calculates video bitrate for a given filesize
  o calculates cropping parameters and scaling factors
  o supports multiple audio and subtitles streams encoding
  o lots of codecs (vorbis, mp3, pcm, ac3, dts, aac, xvid, lavc, x264, theora)
  o uses maximum quality codec switches
  o rips contiguous chapters