Binary package “pinentry-gtk2” in ubuntu precise

GTK+-2-based PIN or pass-phrase entry dialog for GnuPG

 This package contains a program that allows for secure entry of PINs or
 pass phrases. That means it tries to take care that the entered
 information is not swapped to disk or temporarily stored anywhere.
 This functionality is particularly useful for entering pass phrases
 when using encryption software such as GnuPG or e-mail clients using
 the same. It uses an open protocol and is therefore not tied to
 particular software.
 The program contained in this package implements a PIN entry dialog
 using the GTK+ tool kit version 2, so it is especially suitable for
 users of GNOME. If the X Window System is not active then an
 alternative text-mode dialog will be used. There are sibling packages
 that implement PIN entry dialogs using other tool kits.