Binary package “plasma-widget-veromix” in ubuntu precise

plasma widget to control pulseaudio

 Veromix is a mixer for the Pulseaudio sound server.
  * control volume of each playback stream
  * control volume of devices (hardware)
  * control volume of input devices (microphone)
  * move playback streams between different devices (drag icon of playback
    stream and drop it on target device)
  * mute/unmute (click icon)
  * volume meter (on mouse over)
  * PopUp-Applet (icon-representation if inside panel)
  * can life in system tray / notification area
  * kill playback streams
  * set default output device
  * Middle-click on panel icon mutes default output
  * Mouse-wheel over panel icon increases/decreases volume of default output
  * supports global hotkeys
  * set volume above 100%