Binary package “python-daemon” in ubuntu precise

library for making a Unix daemon process

 ‘daemon’ is a library that assists a Python program to turn itself
 into a well-behaved Unix daemon process, as specified in PEP 3143.
 This library provides a ‘DaemonContext’ class that manages the
 following important tasks for becoming a daemon process:
  * Detach the process into its own process group.
  * Set process environment appropriate for running inside a chroot.
  * Renounce suid and sgid privileges.
  * Close all open file descriptors.
  * Change the working directory, uid, gid, and umask.
  * Set appropriate signal handlers.
  * Open new file descriptors for stdin, stdout, and stderr.
  * Manage a specified PID lock file.
  * Register cleanup functions for at-exit processing.