Binary package “tcpquota” in ubuntu precise

A dialout/masquerading monitoring package

 TCPQuota monitors and debits users depending on their
 online time (dialout). The program is made for those
 who have a local network with a server that also
 functions as an Internet gateway (among other things).
 The server runs diald, for example, which does the
 actual dial-on-demand, and this package which debits
 each user, whether from the server or from a
 masqueraded host (program includes masquerade code).
 All a user from inside the gateway/firewall has to
 do is run the command 'openhost', and the hostname
 and username is masqueraded and debited according to
 the time they spend calling out.
 When user runs out of money (pre-paid amount), the
 firewall will close the connection for the user and
 it will stay closed until the user deposits more
 credits to the system.