Binary package “telepathy-mission-control-5” in ubuntu precise

management daemon for Telepathy real-time communication framework

 Telepathy Mission Control 5 is an account manager and channel dispatcher for
 the Telepathy framework, allowing user interfaces and other clients
 to share connections to real-time communication services without conflicting.
 It implements the AccountManager and ChannelDispatcher D-Bus APIs as described
 by telepathy-spec.
 The account manager part stores real time communication account details,
 connects to the stored accounts on request, and sets the accounts' presence,
 nickname and avatar according to requests from Telepathy user interfaces and
 other components.
 The channel dispatcher part responds to incoming communication channels
 (message streams, voice/video calls, file transfers etc.) by dispatching
 them to suitable user interfaces, and requests outgoing communication
 channels according to requests from a Telepathy UI.
 This is not a compatible replacement for Mission Control 4 (in the
 telepathy-mission-control package), but they can be installed in parallel.