Binary package “torrus-common” in ubuntu precise

Universal front-end for Round-Robin Databases (common files)

 Core part of the Torrus suite, providing support files needed by the
 other Torrus packages. It can be installed directly and used with any
 FastCGI-compatible webserver package.
 Torrus is designed to be a universal front-end framework for
 Round-Robin Databases using Tobias Oetiker's RRDtool. It may be configured
 to collect and monitor arbitrary data series from various data
 sources which can in turn be displayed on a web page.
 One of the traditional applications of this functionality is the collection
 and visualization of network information using the Simple Network Management
 Protocol (SNMP) from SNMP-enabled devices.
 You will need to install libcrypt-des-perl, libdigest-hmac-perl and
 libdigest-sha1-perl for SNMPv3 support. SNMP over IPv6-transport is also
 supported after installing libio-socket-inet6-perl.
 Torrus has been formerly known as rrfw, round-robin database framework.