Binary package “webgui” in ubuntu precise

Content management platform to maintain complex web sites

 WebGUI is a content management platform based on Apache, mod_perl and
 MySQL, built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex
 web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It was
 designed to allow the people who create the content, to manage it online,
 rather than content management taking up the time of the busy IT Staff.
 Why use WebGUI?
   * Short Friendly URLs. You'll never have ugly numeric IDs or other
     things in your URLs that make it hard for search engines and people
     to use your site.
   * Rich User Interface. It has a rich user experience allowing users to
     place their content through a drag-n-drop interface; use helpers to
     pick dates, colors, and more; and a highly customizable rich editor
     to allow users to format content quickly and easily.
   * Personalization. Your users will see their own view of your site
     through dynamically generated navigation and content. In addition,
     you can choose to display content based upon your user's viewing
   * Powerful API. It allows your developers to plug-in new functionality
     quickly to get the most from your site. In addition, standardized
     plug-in points allow you to maintain your upgrade path even with your