Binary package “whereami” in ubuntu precise

Automatically reconfigure your (laptop) system for a new location

 whereami is a set of useful scripts and a coordinating system for
 automatically re-locating your computer within the current (network)
 Typically, you would use whereami to automatically detect and
 re-configure your laptop when you move between a variety of diverse
 networks and/or docking environments.
 Although whereami will work best if all of your networks assign
 addresses through dhcp, this is not a pre-requisite and the system
 allows any technique to be used to ascertain the new location with
 as little ongoing user intervention as possible.
 Having ascertained the correct location, whereami will run appropriate
 (user-configured) scripts to adjust the laptop operation to suit the
 current environment.
 See the man pages for more information. You may also get useful
 assistance from the debian-laptop mailing list, which is
 frequented by several of the users and contributors.