Binary package “wmbiff” in ubuntu precise

A dockable app that displays information about mailboxes

 WMBiff is an WindowMaker docking utility, that displays the
 number of read and unread messages in (usually) five
 mailboxes. You can also define actions to execute on new
 mail arrival (for example, play a sound file),
 [auto]fetchmail from a remote server, execute your mail
 reader with a mouse click, or list subject lines from unread
 messages. WMBiff also supports notification of incoming Licq
 messages, so you can put Licq in the background.
 At this moment, wmbiff supports unix-style, maildir, pop3, APOP, IMAP
 and IMAPS mailboxes, as well as Licq and GnomeICU history files.
 It also includes scripts to perform miscellaneous tasks. At
 the moment, these include a checker for Debian security updates.
 wmbiff is similar to the wmmaiload package, but features an
 LED-style appearance, IMAPS support, and other minor differences.